The new face of DC progressive leadership

Founded in Spring 2004, DC for Democracy is the District’s largest unaligned progressive group of activists, community leaders and everyday voters working for positive change in our local government and recognition in America’s legislature.

Marching at Palisades, July 2004Our over 2,000 members volunteer alongside other progressive groups to:

  • register voters
  • fight for progressive District government
  • bolster DC’s working neighborhoods and families
  • gain city-wide access to healthcare
  • preserve affordable housing
  • keep DC schools safe and smart
  • support Federal representation without compromise

Uniting community activists and everyday households, DC for Democracy serves as nonpartisan “honest broker” on the District’s pressing issues, governmental bodies, political parties, advocacy and neighborhood groups — leveraging the strengths of many progressive action groups and community representatives into better self-governance for all its citizens.

DC for Democracy helps identify and elect progressive candidates to local office, as well as community organizations, opinion leaders and District households to better understand the key issues affecting DC residents — first as a discussion forum and information conduit, then as a highly effective volunteer field-force for winning and sustaining progressive change.

The combined forces of these activities — including education programs, information resources and advocacy outreach — work to promote wider political empowerment; higher levels of government integrity, performance, and transparency; socially progressive positions and fiscally responsible candidates; and a voting voice in America’s national legislature.

DC for Democracy Bylaws (updated April, 2009)