DC4D has a dynamic Affordable Housing team that is building expertise and expanding DC4D’s work on this critical issue. Active members include Joe Barrios (Coordinator), Nikko Bilitza, Renee Bowser, Ruth Caplan Mat Hanson, Elinor Hart, Kesh Ladduwahetty, Akaii Lineberger, Andrea Rosen (Steering Committee POC), David Schwartzman, and John Zottoli. The team produced an DC4D Housing resolution, which was passed in May, which addressed the Comprehensive Plan, regulation of the short-term rental market, and the FY18 Budget.

The Comprehensive Plan represents an entirely new area of engagement for DC4D. The Comp Plan (as it is generally called) is a 20-year framework begun in 2006 that guides land use, housing, economic development, transportation and planning. It is designed to be a democratic and participatory process, beginning with amendments proposed by the public, a draft plan, more opportunities for public participation, and hearings and a vote in the DC Council. The Affordable Housing resolution proposed broad principles that needed to be translated into the specific amendments required by the Office of Planning. Joe, Akaii, Andrea, Nikko, and Renee put considerable time into the amendment process and should be congratulated for their hard work. In particular, DC4D owes a debt of gratitude to Joe for his leadership and commitment to this issue from start to finish, including submission of the amendments on June 22nd.

Read DC4D’s final amendments here.
Learn more about the Comp Plan amendment process here.
To join DC4D’s affordable housing team, email us at dcfordemocracy@gmail.com.