At our May meetup we will discuss and vote on two resolutions.

One resolution was prepared by DC4D’s Affordable Housing Team and defines the team’s housing agenda for 2017 - 18. It addresses some aspects of the Comprehensive Plan which is the master plan that drives decisions about housing, land use, etc. The Comprehensive Plan is undergoing an update from now through 2018 and will influence housing in DC for the next 10 years. This is the first time DC4D is attempting to delve into the “Comp Plan,” so this resolution signifies an initial step that we hope to build on. This resolution also addresses housing issues in the FY18 budget and pending legislation that seeks to regulate the short-term rental market (e.g. Airbnb).
Read the DC4D Housing resolution here.

The second resolution was prepared by DC4D’s Steering Committee with input from the Affordable Housing team, Criminal Justice teams and individual DC4D members. It addresses DC4D’s recommendations for the FY18 budget. Since the budget is an enormous document that addresses many vital issues, we have selected a small number of issues that fit with core values and long-standing priorities, as well as those that are well-suited to advocacy by our members. The budget resolution includes those items in the Affordable Housing resolution that pertain to the FY18 budget.
Read the DC4D FY18 Budget Recommendations here.