Chair Keith Ivey joins other DC for Democracy members at our March meetup to give Mayor Gray our ideas on who deserves some of the $368 million budget surplus.


How do you get a $368 million budget surplus (projected to be $190 million in FY13 and $178 million in FY14) in a city where 1 out of 5 people live in poverty, 1,800 kids are homeless, and 67,000 families are on the waiting list for public or subsidized housing?

By having elected leaders with the wrong values and priorities, who are more concerned about making Wall Street bond rating agencies happy while too many of their own people are miserable.

DC for Democracy joins the entire Fair Budget Coalition in urging Mayor Gray to use $101.5 million of the $368 million surplus to make a serious downpayment on reducing poverty in DC. That includes $60.5 million for affordable housing and homeless services, $30 million for job training, $6 million for health and $5 million for domestic violence victims. We also recommend taking some incremental steps to reduce the regressivity of the DC tax code by expanding the property tax credit for low-income people and making sure all high-income households earning over $350,000 per year pay their fair share.

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To email Mayor Gray to urge a FY14 budget that Puts People First, click here.