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US Delegate
Council Chair
At-large Council candidates
Ward 4 Council
Ward 7 Council
Ward 8 Council
Shadow Senator
Shadow Representative

Note: For candidates who ran in the Democratic primary, we are using the questionnaire responses from last April.

US Delegate
Bruce Majors Questionnaire
Eleanor Holmes Norton questionnaire (April primary)
Lino Stracuzzi questionnaire

Council Chair
Phil Mendelson questionnaire

At-Large Council
Mary Brooks Beatty Questionnaire
Michael A. Brown (not received)
A.J. Cooper questionnaire
David Grosso questiionnaire
Vincent Orange questionnaire (April primary)
Leon J. Swain Jr. (not received)
Ann C. Wilcox (not received)

Ward 2 Council
Jack Evans questionnaire (April primary)

Ward 4 Council
Muriel Bowser questionnaire (April primary)

Ward 7 Council
Yvette Alexander questionnaire (April primary)
Ron Moten (not received)

Ward 8 Council
Jauhar Abraham (not received)
Marion Barry (not received)

US Senator (Shadow)
Michael D. Brown questionnaire (April primary)
Nelson Rimensnyder questionnaire

US Representative (Shadow)
G. Lee Aikin questionnaire
Nate Bennett-Fleming questionnaire (April primary)