DC for Democracy’s Communications Chair, Jesse Lovell, issued the following Press Release following our Endorsement meeting on October 10, 2012.

DC for Democracy endorsed Congresswoman Norton for reelection for her history as a progressive DC voice on Capitol Hill and on her pledge to reintroduce the New Columbia Admission Act (H.R. 265) in the next Congress. Congresswoman Norton’s legislation is critical in setting out a clear path to statehood.

DC for Democracy endorsed Councilmember Phil Mendelson for Council Chair for his proven skill in thoroughly examining proposals before the Council. Mendelson’s reputation for spotting the details that others miss is well-deserved. And we believe such abilities are particularly needed in this office.

DC for Democracy endorsed David Grosso for At-Large Council Member on the strength of his resume as a former DC Council staffer and counsel to Congresswoman Norton, and on his commitment to serious ethics reform.

DC for Democracy endorsed Sen. Michael D. Brown for reelection as Shadow Senator for his strong record and his work in support of statehood.

DC for Democracy overwhelmingly endorsed Nate Bennett-Fleming for Shadow Representative. Nate is a dedicated statehood activist who has spent his life in the District and achieved a great deal at a young age. He has been a steadfast ally to DC’s statehood activists who has shown he is willing to do hard, unglamorous work for a cause he believes in.

DC for Democracy endorsed the following candidates Wednesday evening at its meeting:

Eleanor Holmes Norton, US Delegate (72%)
Phil Mendelson, Council Chair (87%)
David Grosso, At-Large Council Member (72%)
Mike Brown, Shadow Senator (77%)
Nate Bennett-Fleming, Shadow Representative (94%)

DC for Democracy also overwhelmingly endorsed the Maryland Dream Act (97%). We believe this legislation can both improve the lives of children of undocumented immigrants and help the state in its effort to build a better-educated workforce.

No endorsements were made for a second At-Large Council Member candidate or in the Ward 2, 4, 7 and 8 council races because no candidate reached the required 2/3 majority vote.