DC for Democracy endorsed the following candidates for the 2012 DC Democratic primary at its February 15 meeting:

  • Eleanor Holmes Norton, US Delegate (70.6%)
  • Peter Shapiro, At-Large Council Member (63.9% in first-choice votes, 69.4% with second choices included*)
  • Tom Brown, Ward 7 Council Member (82.9%)
  • Mike Brown, Shadow Senator (79.4%)
  • Nate Bennett-Fleming, Shadow Representative (94.1%)

The group also unanimously endorsed the Fair Elections to Restore the Public Trust Initiative to ban corporate contributions to DC candidates.

No endorsements were made in Ward 2, 4, and 8 council races because no candidate reached the required 2/3 majority vote.

*DC4D bylaws require modified Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) where more than 2 candidates are running. Under this system, second-choice votes are taken into account when first-choice votes fail to achieve the endorsement threshold.