January 2009

DCVote Hill Briefings
DCVote members take a break in the Rayburn building cafeteria during their day of lobbying new members of Congress on Jan 28th, 2009. From left to right, Bob Waser, Douglas Sloan, Eugene Kinlow, Carol Waser, Asha Cattette Stephens, and Ann Hoffman. Photo by Kesh Ladduwahetty. Not pictured: Kevin Delany & Karen Rose, as well as other DCVote members, participated in the briefing sessions.

Wilson building banner
Be sure to swing by the Wilson building to view the council’s new banner, put up Saturday. Thanks to Chairman Gray & the Council, this will get some media attention in the next few days, especially during the Inaugural Parade, which will pass the Wilson building. DCVote, DC for Democracy, and other DC activists urged the council to make use of this unique opportunity.