DC4D has been door-knocking in NoVA since mid-August, and we’ve accumulated quite a few stories of the campaign trail. We invite DC4D members to share their stories with us on our website.

We’ll start off with Dave Power’s story from the Fox Mill precinct on Sunday, October 19th:

“Around 5 PM I reached my 20th house. Halfway through my turf list of 40 houses. The voter was clipping the grass with hand clippers on her side lawn next to the driveway. From the foot of the driveway I apologized for interrupting her, and she said “you can talk to me while I’m clipping.” So I walked up the driveway and introduced myself. She’s a white woman in her 50’s, wearing gardening clothes and gloves, kneeling on the grass, clipping. As soon as I mentioned Barack Obama, she said “I’m retired Navy, and I was very impressed by Colin Powell’s endorsement today.” I said, “far out.” Then she stood and took off one of her gardening gloves to accept the lit from me. I told her Barack asked us to come by her neighborhood to remind everyone that he needs a lot more Democrats in Congress this year, to get his healthcare plan through. I asked her if she had decided who she would be voting for. She said she was definitely supporting Barack. I said I was glad to hear that. Then, I said “so should I put you down as undecided about Mark Warner for Senate and Judy Feder for Congress?” She said, “Oh, I’m voting for all three.”

Got a NoVA campaigning story? Post it in a comment here!