September 2008

After a hectic day at the DC Primary, the stalwarts at DC for Democracy still turned out for our endorsement vote last night! Councilmember Kwame Brown stopped by to thank us for our support, and Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells and his Chief of Staff, Charles Allen (former Chair of DC4D), stopped by. At-large council candidates Michael A. Brown and Dee Hunter spoke and asked for our support, and Adam Clampitt (former at-large candidate) spoke in favor of Michael A. Brown, while Claire Porter and Dee Hunter both spoke in favor of Paul Strauss. After all the speeches, our members voted as follows:

    Michael A. Brown for at-large council (endorsed with 90.0%)
    Jack Evans for Ward 2 council (endorsed with 66.7%)
    Muriel Bowser for Ward 4 council (endorsed with 84.2%)
    Paul Strauss for US Shadow Senator (endorsed with 73.7%, with second-choice votes included)
    Ward 7 and Ward 8 council races: no endorsement

Our endorsements from the DC Primary still hold for the General Election:

    Eleanor Holmes Norton for DC Delegate
    Kwame Brown for at-large council
    Mike Panetta for US Shadow Representative

With Patrick Mara’s apparent victory on Tuesday, we are very gratified that DC4D has endorsed Michael A. Brown, since he has the best chance of defeating Mara. While DC has very few Republicans, we face two dangers in this race: 1) many DC residents don’t know that they can cast votes for two at-large councilmembers, and usually cast just one vote, and 2) Democrats may split their vote among the Independents. DC4D will focus our campaign on educating voters that they have two votes in this race, and we will urge voters to vote for “Brown & Brown:” Kwame Brown and Michael A. Brown, our two endorsed at-large council candidates.

We are now fully engaged on both the DC and Northern Virginia fronts this Fall, in a full-throated Potomac Uprising. If you would like to participate in the DC General Election or canvass with us in northern Virginia, please email us at

Next Tuesday, September 9th is Primary Day in the District of Columbia, and we urge you to participate in our great democracy by casting your vote. Our city and our members are overwhelmingly Democrats, so the vast majority of us will be voting in the Democratic primary. We hope you will go to the polls next Tuesday and cast your vote for DC for Democracy’s endorsed candidates:

    Eleanor Holmes Norton for Delegate,
    Kwame Brown for at-large council,
    Mike Panetta for Shadow Representative, and
    Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain slate of candidates for the DC Democratic State Committee

Ms. Norton, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Panetta are well-known incumbents who have served admirably in office and deserve our continued support. Not so well-known are the individuals running for the DC Democratic State Committee, under the slate name Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain, a unified slate of grassroots progressive candidates brought together by DC for Obama.

The DC Democratic State Committee is the official governing body of the District of Columbia Democratic Party chartered by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The primary objective of the DC Democratic Party, as all state parties, is to elect Democrats locally and nationally and to advocate for issues within the Democratic Party platform. In practical terms, they have a great say over who represents us every 4 years at the Democratic National Convention. They set the rules for the Democratic primary and other party elections in DC. They have exceptional access to our elected officials, as well as Democratic party organizations across the county. They control access to the voter file of registered Democrats in DC, and they receive money and resources from the Democratic National Committee. In short, their potential power is great, yet many of us are disappointed that this power is not effectively used in the public interest.

The Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain slate consists of 48 candidates for the DC Democratic State Committee (2 Candidates for DC’s 2 DNC’ seats, 2 alternate candidates for DC’s 2 DNC seats, 12 at-large candidates, and 4 candidates from each ward). We will each vote for 20 candidates, depending on the ward we live in.

The Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain slate is committed to opening the doors of the DC Democratic Party and outlining a mission, vision, and action agenda that empowers Democrats in DC to become a part of the electoral process and support the election of Democrats in the region and across the United States. They are also the most diverse slate of candidates for the DC Democratic State Committee since the advent of home rule. When elected, Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain will automatically increase the representation of Young Democrats, LGBT, organized labor, Asian Pacific Islanders, and Latino’s on the DC Democratic State Committee. The slate includes several long-standing and energetic members of DC4D, as well as several able members of DC for Obama. The members of the slate are as follows (DC4D members in bold):

    Democratic National Committee (DNC)
    Arrington Dixon, National Committeeman
    Miriam Sapiro, National Committeewoman
    Douglas Sloan, Alternate National Committeeman
    Regan Ford, Alternate National Committeewoman
    At-Large: Jeffrey D. Richardson ~ Kemry M. Hughes ~ Alan Bray ~ Jeff Norman ~ Kenneth Ellerbe ~ John Nowicki (former Chair of DC4D) ~Kim Morton ~ Linda Nguyen ~ Kirsten Burgard ~ Robin Kelley ~ Tamela Gordon ~ Gaby L. Fraser
    Ward 1: Ian Martinez ~ Jason Berry ~ Dr. E. Gail Anderson Holness ~ Oralia Puente
    Ward 2: Dan Wedderburn ~ Jerusa Carl Wilson ~ Courtney Chapin ~ Paige Wedderburn
    Ward 3: Shana Mosher ~ Kahlill Palmer ~ Frank Wu ~ Jocelyn Nieva
    Ward 4: Tony Towns ~ Dwayne Revis ~ Faith E. Wheeler ~ Ella Gilbert
    Ward 5: Carl Thomas ~ Fred Allen ~ Romaine Thomas ~ Grace Lewis
    Ward 6: Howard Park ~ Deleon Ware ~ Betty Smalls ~ Rhonda Hamilton
    Ward 7: Juan Thompson ~ Phillip Hammond ~ Patricia Malloy ~ Denise Reed
    Ward 8: Eugene Dewitt Kinlow ~ Philip Pannell ~ Wanda Lockridge ~ Lauren Fraser

Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain’s agenda is as follows:

    Organize DC Residents to volunteer in Virginia to support the election of Barack Obama and the 2008 Democratic ticket.

    Develop a plan of action for educating voters both locally and nationally about DC’s lack of voting representation and self-determination (focus pressure on local and national elected officials to make ending DC’s second class status a publicly recognized priority for the city and the national Democratic Party, and join the DC Vote Voting Rights Coalition)

    Develop a plan to target Democratic races regionally and nationally by coordinating volunteers from DC and fundraising to help elect DC-friendly Democrats to national and state offices.

    Rebuild the DC party’s infrastructure (by developing a strategic Plan, develop long-term development strategy, supporting the establishment of active standing committees, investing in our ward and constituency caucus organizations)

The Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain slate promises to energize our local Democratic party, so please look for the slate name next to the candidates names on Primary Day (Tuesday, Sept 9th), and vote for all members of this slate! Check out their website here.

DC4D’s Annual Picnic in the Park
2008 DC Primary Celebration

Rock Creek Park
Food, fun, sun — and politics, of course!

Sunday, Sept 7th 11AM - 3PM (rescheduled from Saturday due to weather)

Special guests: Councilmember Kwame Brown, and the Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain slate of candidates for the DC Democratic Party
Rock Creek Park, Grove #2 (Pierce Mill/Art Barn off Tilden St, NW)
(Click here for a map of the park)
$20 ticket helps pay for our Fall campaign in DC & NoVA (pay online)
Transportation to/from Van Ness-UDC metro provided upon request by email.
Sign up here.
Questions? Email or call Lynda Laughlin at 215-681-9316 or Jesse Lovell at 202-236-2063.