August 2008

Last Wednesday, we endorsed the Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain slate of candidates for the DC Democratic State Committee in the DC Democratic Primary on September 9th. If you’re wondering why you should vote for these folks, click here to read David Nakamura’s article in last Friday’s WaPo. And for the thoroughly entertaining and revealing responses to that article, click here!

Last Wednesday, we alse endorsed Judy Feder, Democratic challenger in VA’s 10th district. Help Judy win Russ Feingold’s Progressive Patriots contest. Judy is the only contestant in the DC metro area, and all you need to do is to vote for her online. Click here to vote for Judy in the Progressive Patriots contest, and please forward widely to your friends! Anyone can vote, regardless of where they live.

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DC for Democracy met in the luxurious Wilson building (quite a change from Ben’s Chili Bowl) to hold our endorsement vote for the Fall elections. A big thank you to everyone who came! A special thanks to our fabulous election inspectors: Kevin Delany, Brett McBride, and Julius Ware. A special thanks also to our excellent member witnesses Chan Tei DuRant, Brad Lewis, and Terry Walz. These folks, as well as our voting experts, Clayton Mansfield and Keith Ivey, worked long and hard to ensure that the vote was tabulated correctly. At the end of a long and boisterous meeting, we endorsed the following:

Federal Candidates in the November Election

    Judy Feder, Democratic challenger in VA’s 10th district in the November election (97.4%).

Note: Barack Obama was endorsed last October, and that endorsement still holds. Judy’s campaign is working on behalf of Obama and Mark Warner, candidate for US Senate in the 10th district.

Local Candidates in the DC Democratic Primary

    Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC delegate (87.2%).
    Kwame Brown, At-large councilmember (97.4).
    Mike Panetta, US Shadow Representative (97.4%).
    Obama4UnityBeatsMcCain slate of candidates for the DC Democratic State Committee (82.5%).

No endorsements were made in the following races, due to the fact that we did not reach the required 2/3 majority vote:

    Ward 2 councilmember: Cary Silverman (51.3%), Jack Evans (30.8%), No Endorsement (17.9%).

    Ward 4 councilmember: First-choice votes were Muriel Bowser (58.3%), Baruti Jahi (5.6%), Malik Mendenhall-Johnson (2.8%), Paul Montague (2.8%), No Endorsement (30.6%). After second-choice votes* were tabulated, Bowser achieved 63.9%.

    Ward 7 councilmember: First-choice votes were Yvette Alexander (54.1%), Villareal “VJ” Johnson (10.8%), Robin Hammond Marlin (5.4%),John Campbell (0%), No Endorsement (29.7%). After second-choice votes* were tabulated, Alexander remained unchanged at 54.1%.

    Ward 8 councilmember: Marion Barry (27.8%), Charles Wilson (16.7%), “S.S” Sandra Seegars (13.9%), Ahmad Braxton-Jones (2.8%), Howard Brown (0%), No Endorsement (38.9%). Second-choice votes* were not tabulated, since No Endorsement had more than 1/3 of the vote.

    US Shadow Senator: Philip Pannell (64.1%), Paul Strauss (25.6%), No Endorsement (2.6%).

Note: DC4D bylaws require modified Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), where more than 2 candidates are running. Under this system, second-choice votes are taken into account when first-choice votes fail to achieve the endorsement threshold.

A Special Note
DC for Democracy extends profuse apologies to Eleanor Holmes Norton, Paul Strauss, Phil Pannell, and Mike Panetta, who failed to receive our survey forms due to an administrative error. Fortunately, they were not disadvantaged in terms of their challengers. We will ensure that the surveys are sent to them as soon as possible and any that are received will be posted on our website from now through the DC Primary.

SUNDAY, AUG 17 2:00 - 4:00PM
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Come help perfect our campaign plans in both the DC Democratic Primary and federal elections in Northern Virginia!

Endorsement Vote this Wednesday August 13, John A. Wilson Building
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DC for Democracy will vote to endorse the following offices:

Federal Office

Note: the Feder campaign’s field operation will include voter outreach for Senate candidate Mark Warner and Barack Obama.

DC Democratic Primary

District-wide Offices:

    Delegate to US House of Representatives: Eleanor Holmes Norton (incumbent)
    At-large Council: Kwame R. Brown (incumbent)Read Kwame Brown’s response to DC4D’s survey here
    US Senator (Shadow): Philip E. Pannell, Paul Strauss (incumbent)
    US Representative (Shadow): Mike Panetta (incumbent)

Ward-level City Council Offices
Ward 2 Councilmember:

Ward 4 Councilmember:

Ward 7 Councilmember:

    Yvette Alexander (incumbent)
    John Campbell
    Villareal “VJ” Johnson
    Robin Hammond Marlin

Ward 8 Councilmember:

    Marion Barry (incumbent)
    Ahmad Braxton-Jones
    Howard Brown
    Darrell Danny Gaston
    Chanda McMahan
    Sandra “S.S.” Seegars
    Charles E. Wilson
    Yavocka Young

DC Democratic State Committee (DCDSC):

Note: Due to the very large number of candidates, we will only include in our endorsement vote for the DCDSC city-wide slates of candidates. Candidates who are associated with ward-level slates or unaffiliated with any slate will not be included. For a full list of candidates, with their affiliated slate, please click here.

We have send brief questionnaires to all candidates/slates appearing on the ballot. Click here to read the questionnaire. We will publish the results on our website for member review as we receive responses.

Click here to share your thoughts on the endorsement vote with your fellow DC4D members!

Best regards,
Kesh Ladduwahetty