In the packed upstairs room at Marty’s on Capitol Hill last night, DC4D members heard Bayard Brewin make his superb presentation on DC Government 101, the most informative, entertaining, and concise explanation of DC government many of us have ever heard. Click here to view the complete presentation.

Following a lively discussion, DC4D members agreed that we would place on our endorsement ballot in August all Democratic primary candidates for DC government office except ANC races: at-large city council; council races in Wards 2,4, 7, and 8; DC Delegate; DC Shadow Senator and Shadow Representative. Also to be included will be any slates of candidates running for DC Democratic party offices. The members agreed to not vote to endorse individuals running for Democratic party offices, due to the large numbers involved. We also agreed that due to the large numbers of candidates (particularly for ward-level council office), that the endorsement meeting on Aug 13 would not allow spoken testimonials. We will seek written information from all candidates and make them available on our website.

Jerry Clark
, DC4D’s Political Director, followed with a presentation on where we can best focus our efforts in the November federal elections. After discussing the relative merits of Maryland vs. Virginia and various congressional districts, we agreed that our primary area of focus would be Virginia’s 10th district, where Democrat Judy Feder is challenging long-time incumbant Frank Wolf. Working for Judy (whom DC4D endorsed in 2006 in her first bid for national office) will also allow us to help elect Democrat Mark Warner to the US Senate and win VA’s electoral college votes for Barack Obama. VA-10 will accordingly be on our endorsement ballot in August. A number of members proposed other areas in which to work, including districts further south in VA, MD’s 1st congressional district, and states farther afield. The members agreed that these ideas merit further discussion in addition to our area of primary focus, and we will consider holding further endorsement votes in September.

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Mark your calendars for Wed, August 13, when DC4D will hold our endorsement vote for the DC Primary and federal races in VA-10!