April 2008

PITTSBURGH: This weekend, Saturday 4/12 - Sunday 4/13, in the Pittsburgh area (city or suburbs). We’re looking at areas like Congressional District 18, which has 5 delegates. Whoever gets a hair’s breadth over 50% will grab that 5th precious delegate. We’ll leave Saturday (some cars early morning, others mid-morning), and return Sunday late afternoon/early evening. Free supporter housing is available in downtown Pittsburg. Others can find cheap motels.

Next weekend, Saturday 4/19 - Sunday 4/20 in the Philly suburbs. The lion’s share of out-of-state volunteers want the creature comforts of center city. We’re going to areas that are in greater need of grassroots energy: Springfield, the heart of Congressional District 7, with seven delegates. The most dedicated volunteers will stay through Primary Day, Tuesday, 4/22.

If you are an Obama supporter and have not volunteered to date, this is your chance to be part of a historic primary election! Sign up here!

From Melissa Byrne:

After a few months of working in DC but with my heart being on the trail, I quit my job, found a subletter, and ended up in Altoona. I thought that since I began my organizing career in Philly, I’d be placed in my city. I was looking forward to yummy organic food, my best friends in the world, and my favorite fair trade coffee shop. Fortunately for me, the campaign had other plans. I was asked to go to the Johnstown region and I was give Blair County which has Altoona as its main city area. Altoona used to be the heart of the railroad industry and was once a booming area of 200, 000 people. Today, Altoona and the county is majority Republican. The economy here is strained and people want better jobs and the whole nine yards. They want to work hard for what they get.

The team here in Altoona is beyond amazing. This in area where people used to be afraid to be a Democrat. But, everyday more and more people come into our office. More and more people sign up to volunteer. We are out pacing the other side. Barack had a great visit here- filled with bowling ( check out The Daily Show clip) and ate hot dogs at a local spot.

The whole county wonders if Barack can win Altoona. I want that answer to be yes. I am working hard each day to win. I am working side by side the best volunteers ever- from the father who’s child has cancer, to the Team High School that makes calls every day afters, from folks learning to use the computer to enter data, and the team of former republicans who support Obama. We are changing Central PA. I am glad to be a tiny part of it.

If you are thinking of coming to PA for the primary. I’d ask you to consider putting your time into here. Let’s turn a blue collar town for Barack. If you can’t travel to PA, can you make phone calls into Altoona? I can set you up with an online tool.

I miss you all. And, everyday, I am saddened to think I won’t be able to celebrate with Mike post victory.

From Jeff Norman:

This is a GOTV Obama campaign trip to Philadelphia from the morning of April 19 to the morning of April 23 for the April 22 Pennsylvania Preference Primary. We will travel by Amtrak from Union Station in DC leaving at 9 a.m. and arriving at the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia at 10:34 a.m. on April 19. We will stay at the Latham Hotel at 135 South 17th Street , which is about 2 blocks from the Obama campaign office at 1 500 Sansom Street until the morning after the Primary on April 23 when we will get back on Amtrak at 9:10 a.m., arriving back in D.C. at 10:45 a.m. The only plan while in Philadelphia is to do whatever the campaign needs for that final weekend before the Primary.

The Latham Hotel is a nice elegant European-style hotel that was recommended by someone from the Obama campaign. At $209 per night (but cheaper if you book online), it is neither the most nor the least expensive conveniently located hotel. The Amtrak round trip fare is $228. This trip is for those of you who can afford it and who are beyond the stage in life when you are willing to sleep on a church floor in a sleeping bag.

You don’t have to stay at the Latham Hotel; but if you like this idea and want to travel together as a group on Amtrak, please contact me, Jeff Norman, at jeffrey.norman@att.net or (202)966-0739.