Be sure to join us tomorrow, November 7, for a very special meetup. We’ll welcome Senator Obama’s General Counsel, Mike Strautmanis, along with Alan Bray of DC for Obama. We’ll also discuss our campaign plan for the 2008 primary. As always, we meet at 7PM at Ben’s Chili Bowl (directions are on the sign-up page).

If you’re an Obama supporter, you should not miss this meetup.

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If the 2008 Primary is not on your radar, come meet Adam Clampitt, Independent running for City Council (At-Large), and talk about the outlook for DC politics next year.

Either way, you get to experience politics in a way that makes it fun: connecting with fellow progressives in the District of Columbia, and having some great chili in the bargain.

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Best Regards,
Kesh Ladduwahetty

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