Yesterday, five members of DC for Democracy sat in Room 342 in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, watching the Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs debate the DC House Voting Rights Bill, S.1257. They cheered along with the rest of the audience when the committee voted 9 to 1 to pass the bill.

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Three Republican Senators — Susan Collins of Maine, Norm Coleman of Minnesota, and George Voinovich of Ohio — voted the right way. They are all facing tough re-election campaigns next year. Could it be a coincidence?

Voting No to the bill was Senator John Warner of Virginia. Never mind that the bill was authored in the House by his colleague from the 11th District, Rep. Tom Davis, and never mind that Warner lives just across the river from 600,000 disenfranchised American citizens. Next year, Warner may run for re-election. Anyone want to volunteer to unseat him?

Missing from the Ayes was Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire. DemocracyFest — the annual convention of Democracy for America (DFA) groups from around the country — was in Manchester, NH last weekend. I attended and made many new friends in Democracy for New Hampshire (DFNH), along with legislators in the NH State Legislature and other concerned activists. Despite their valiant attempts to contact Senator Sununu and local media, Sununu was not swayed. The good news is that there are three Democrats running against Sununu next year!

Read the full coverage of yesterday’s vote by the Washington Post here.

Next week, DC4D will continue its outreach efforts for DC Voting Rights at the Take Back America conference (TBA) at the Washington Hilton.

And on Wednesday, June 20th, our efforts will culminate in Senate Lobby Day, where we will join the DCVote coalition on the Hill to press for our right to congressional representation.

Led by our dedicated and hard-working Chair Karen Rose, the DC4D Voting Rights & Democracy Committee is actively working on behalf of congressional representation for the District of Columbia.

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Best Regards,
Kesh Ladduwahetty