March 2007

Have you thought about attending a DC for Democracy Meetup? Come join us at 7PM next Wednesday, April 4, at Ben’s Chili Bowl. It’s easy to get to (conveniently across from U Street Metro on the Green Line), and it’s a great way to make new friends who share your political values.

RSVP here for the April Meetup.

We’ll talk about the latest news on DC Voting Rights: what happened on the Hill last week, how our DFA friends are helping us, and our next big event: the Voting Rights March on April 16. Yes, that’s a Monday, but the format is flexible, and you can join the fun as late as 4PM. Congress will have just returned to the Hill after their Easter recess, and we can make a big splash by turning out that day. Find out more here.

Celebrate DC Emancipation Day by marching for DC Voting Rights with your friends & neighbors. RSVP here.

If you’ve been reading DC4D emails for the last several months, but have not attended a meetup, come enjoy the cameraderie and conversation with your fellow DC4D members.

RSVP here for the April Meetup, and see you next Wednesday!

Upcoming Events

DC4D’s first Movie Night & Dinner fundraiser on Saturday, April 7. Come watch Who Killed the Electric Car? and enjoy a delicious, home-cooked dinner with a great bunch of people. Only $15 for a fun Saturday night within easy walking distance from Dupont Circle metro, and you’ll be helping DC4D pay for our email/website expenses. Space is limited, so sign up now!

This is a historic week for DC Voting Rights. HR 1433 (formerly HR 328) passed both the Judiciary and Government Reform Committees. Rep. John Conyer’s committee voted 21 to 13 just yesterday. Our friends in Democracy for Utah (thanks to DC4D member, Kevin Delany) were enormously helpful to getting this bill out of committee.

The bill is now headed for a floor vote in the House of Representatives. To learn more about this historic bipartisan bill that will give both DC and Utah two new seats in the House, visit DC Vote, the fabulous voting rights advocacy coalition to which we are proud to belong.

DFA Helps Us Again

Yesterday, Democracy for America (DFA) held a national conference call (thanks, Charles Chamberlain!) and invited us to talk about our campaign. With the bill headed for a floor vote, the timing could not have been better. With almost 70 DFA national organizers on the line, we asked for their help in writing letters to their representatives in support of this bill. The reception was very warm and supportive, with several groups saying this is a no-brainer issue. DC4D member and Shadow Representative, Mike Panetta, also spoke about his Free & Equal DC website. Tracey Denton of Democracy for NY tried it out there and then and told everybody how easy it is to use. And Bill Monroe of Democracy for Missouri added it to his blog within hours!

Do Your Part

RSVP here to invite your friends and family outside DC to use Mike’s fabulous website, Free & Equal DC, which makes online activism easy as pie. Your help is critical to generating the constituent pressure that can get us a real vote in the House.

Upcoming Events

This coming weekend will tragically be the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War, and DFA groups are holding candlelight vigils around the country. DC4D is teaming up with MoveOn to hold a candlelight vigil on Capitol Hill this Monday, March 19, from 5 - 7PM. RSVP here.

If you can’t make it Monday, DC4D member Melissa Byrne is holding her own vigil on Tuesday, March 20 - RSVP here.

DNC Grassroots Fundraiser with Governor Howard Dean!

Monday, March 26 5:30 - 7PM. Just $50 or join Democracy Bonds. RSVP here — we will convey your RSVP to the DNC. The party will be held at The Human Rights Campaign, Equality Forum Room, 1640 Rhode Island Avenue, NW.